Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Summary of Learning

I was looking to find a different way of doing a screen cast for my Summary of Learning for my ECI 831 class and found Reflector. This application runs on your computer and allows you to connect multiple Airplay devices, mirroring whatever you're doing to your computer screen. It is really simple to use!

I used Quicktime to to the screen captures while I was mirroring my devices. I used a chromakey green desktop wallpaper for some of the shots and for others I used the chalkboard from Keynote. Title slides were built and animated in Keynote then exported as a movie to iMovie where they were chopped. I used the Freeze Frame feature in iMovie to layout my sequences then layered my screen casts over top. Voice over was done in iMovie using a Behringer C-1 microphone and small mixer to EQ the sound.

My daughter plays a guest role as she accepts a Factime call while working on her My Little Pony drawings. All screen casts were sped up in iMovie.

I'd like to use this in my classroom for student presentations. At the moment Android devices do not mirror over Airplay but there are companies developing the ability for their devices to connect in the same way Apple devices do.

I created an original soundtrack in Garageband using a drum loop, my keyboard, voice and electric guitar but found it too distracting so I cut it from the final video.

I'm going to use Reflector to create some videos on BYOD workflows for students and teachers and post them to my YouTube channel.

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