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A Busy Semester September - December 2013

I'm taking the time to draft a list of the things I've been doing since September of this year. Sometimes a person can get really busy and not take stock of all that's going on around them. My life certainly has a strong base in technology. I've long been ruminating on how technology plays a role in my life and have shared much of what I know very openly with everyone I meet. I haven't taken time in the past to share on the internet though and I suppose it's time to start doing that. I'd love to get feedback from people and grow my personal learning network through this blog. If you have any advice or share any interests I would love to hear from you! This post also serves as a planning document for my Summary of Learning in my ECI 831 class.

Personal Education

Masters of Educational Technology & Design, University of Saskatchewan
  • Attended ECI 831 through the University of Regina. An excellent course as we were introduced to amazing people and several lifetimes of possibilities in using the principles of Open Education and Social Media and is the reason I started blogging. Thanks to Dr. Alec Couros for his passion and dedication and enriching our lives with so many ideas and connections.
Personal Learning Portfolios Using BYOD

  • My major learning project for ECI 831. This project evolved from wanting to introduce students to the idea of Personal Learning Networks to the creation of Learning Portfolios mostly by using mobile devices. You can read all about it by following the link.

In The Classroom

I'm at a new school this year and working to get to know new students, colleagues and classes. It's been a busy semester learning to fit in at Winston Knoll Collegiate and I'd like to thank my students and colleagues for making me feel welcome. We have an amazing group of grade 9 students that will be pleasure to work with over the next 3.5 years.

  • Teaching Students Photography Using Mobile Devices
  • Simple Photographic Studio Setup
  • Post Processing Images
  • Working to Increase Student Literacy Through Writing Reflections on Competed Work
  • Using Pinterest Boards to Curate Ideas for my Art Classes
  • Visual Art 10 Class Blog on Blogger Resource Site and Calendar
  • Art 9 Blog on Blogger Photos of Student Work and Course Calendar
  • Created an Outdoor Club Blog for Winston Knoll Collegiate
  • Remind 101

With Colleagues

I started the Winston Knoll Collegiate Technology Collaborative, a group of teachers wanting to learn more about technology and it's role in education. So far we've had a bunch of meetings and a lot of interest. We have come up with some goals for our school to provide a strong foundation for innovation in our classrooms using shared resources and student owned devices. I'd like to thank all the members of our group for being so supportive and fantastic and having so many great ideas. Work has begun on the following initiatives:

  • Google Apps for Education Accounts for every student and staff member in the school
  • Started a Google + Community and Google Group for our Tech Collaborative
  • Sharing and Documentation are all Cloud based to facilitate collaboration between the members of our group
  • Started a Blog which will go live in 2014 to share what we are doing with technology in our school. This will provide a showcase for the innovation that takes place as we move forward.
  • Our Administration has come on board with us and is looking to support us in any way they can. Thanks to our Principal, Mr. Brad Howard for all his support.
  • We have learned how to better connect with students through Google Groups, course blogs and social media as well as messaging services like Remind 101.

With Family

Work has begun to connect more with my family. We purchased an iPad for my mom and dad. Dad has never used a computer and mom's been a pioneer since 1981. The iPad has allowed both of them to connect and share with us no matter where they go! My mom was even able to introduce us to cousins we've never met in Poland when she was there at the end of the summer. (I know... this kinda slides me back into August and this post is supposed to be about September till December) I also got them an Apple TV so they can see the photos we've been taking of the their grandkids on the big screen.

My daughter Yukimi is a young artist and she's been drawing and painting so much. She is now learning to use YouTube to learn how to draw her favourite cartoon characters and is using my Cintiq 12" drawing tablet to create drawing in Photoshop. Next I think I'll be setting up a blog with her so she can start developing her own Personal Learning Portfolio and start curating a gallery of all her amazing work.

In The Community

For the Alpine Club of Canada Saskatchewan Section, Regina Chapter

  • Became a Member of the Club
  • Travelled to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Banff Alberta
  • Became the Social Media Promotions Director for the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - Best of the Fest Tour in Regina, Saskatchewan. We now use Facebook, Google + and Twitter in our Promotion of these events. Each of these platforms are built for organizers to collaborate.
  • Was the Projectionist, Film Announcer and Sound guy for the presentation of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina, Saskatchewan.

For the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Regina Saskatchewan

  • Became a member of the organizing committee for the festival as Technical Advisor
  • Stage Setup and Sound mixing for the Vertigo Series Poetry Slam at the Mercury Cafe in Regina and mixed sound for recording artist CR Avery
  • Stage Setup and Sound Mixer for Billy Hughes and Double Down
  • Built a Collaborative Website for the Festival (still in Beta) to replace the old CVAF website

For CARFAC Saskatchewan

  • Was appointed a member of the board.
  • I hope that my experience in Art Education and Technology will be a positive contribution to the service of CARFAC

On a Personal Level

This Personal Blog and Portfolio Site on Blogger is the result of my ECI 831 class. I'm finding more and more that enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts. In the future I'll be posting resources and ideas I working on for the classes I teach. I've spent time cleaning up my footprint on the web and learning how to use a variety of resources to connect with others. I'll always say I'm not the best at Blogging or Tweeting but I'm certainly learning. If I've learned anything this semester it's that connecting and sharing with the people all around us provides us with a better life experience. I hope to continue blogging my experience. I've certainly spent many years learning from others on the internet and it is about time that I become a contributor as well.

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