Monday, November 11, 2013

Crowdsourcing Funding, Design, Ideas & Education

Crowdsourcing is becoming more and more prevalent now that people can easily connect with each other easily through the internet. 


Maybe you have an idea but don't have the capitol to fund it. Crowdsourcing is becoming a popular way of finding the money you need to make a project go forward. 

Rylan Grayston of Peachy Printer is an inventor from Yorkton Saskatchewan who is using crowd sourced funding through Kickstarter to fund further development of his $100 3D Printer.


Perhaps you have an idea but need the expertise of many people to be able to build a better design for your project. Graham Hill the, the creator of, is also the creator of the LifeEdited apartment in New York City. He explains the apartment and his use of crowdsourced design in the following video:

Ideas & Education

If you're an educator you might have ideas or be short on ideas... who knows? Whether you're looking to learn or looking to share, you can become more connected in a number of ways. My EC&I 831 Class at the University of Regina uses Google + Communities and a Blog Hub as a way of connecting students together. Signing up for edConnectr is a way for teachers to get involved with other like minded people. It seems to me that this centralized hub lets people pose questions and help others to become better connected educators. There are so many resources at our finger tips these days that it can all be a bit overwhelming from time to time. edConnectr seeks to pair individuals with like minded people with the same interests to ease the beginning of sharing. The ability to crowdsource information in a direct and meaningful way may take us to very good sharing and learning opportunities.


So why am I talking about crowdsourcing? It's happening all around us in a variety of ways and is beginning to shape the human experience. Can we even begin to imagine how this type of interaction could solve some of the largest problems we face? I am beginning to think that crowdsourcing could in fact influence the classes that I teach. Becoming a connected teacher I have started using services like edConnectr, Twitter, Google + Communities, EduBlogs, and Blogger. I'm beginning to think of what I can do to crowdsource for my classroom. What if funding, design, ideas & education all came from the world, flowing into classrooms everywhere, fuelling the human potential from a very early age? It's wonderful to have become a part of a much more interesting and open world.

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  1. Hey Jason,

    I was just reading about this $100.00 3D printer. Pretty cool stuff!

    I've been interested in crowd sourcing in order to get a maker space for our Library. I'd love to try something like this and many not even giving money, but giving support and showing that there is interested in this.

    I think crowd sourcing is not only a great way to raise money, but also awareness.

    Thanks for your post!