Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working on a Digital Identity

I had a moment of culture shock. I was feeling like technology was taking over me.
So I took a little break.

Today I decided to take control. I began with the questions "Who am I online?", "What do people see when they "Google" me?"

Here's what they would have found as of today:

  1. My Twitter Feed (I'm not the best tweeter but it's the first hit)
  2. My Facebook Page (I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook but it's in second place)
  3. Some Images of Me (nothing bad and those that I didn't like I tracked down and got rid of them)
  4. Rate My Teacher (uhhhggg, a major blow to my self-esteem, really wish this site didn't exist)
  5. Linked In (so I'm working at this one and getting my professional profile up to date)
  6. Youtube (only one video on my channel from a project I was a part of for a masters class last year)
  7. Google + (my profile is taking shape)
  8. EC&I Blog Hub (I'm working to read and comment on what you wonderful people have written)
  9. Flickr (I had to contact Yahoo to get account reset, I signed up a long time ago)
This was just the first page of hits. So what am I doing about my Digital Footprint? I'm taking action. It's about time I did a little house cleaning. While it seems there's nothing I can do about Rate My Teacher, I started working on my online identity by creating an About Me page. I then cleaned up some Facebook posts and pictures, removed a bunch of stuff from Instagram and am trying to get my Flickr account revived. Google + and Linked In are two things I'm working on when I can. I renamed my blog as well. I've never been one to promote myself and always felt pretty shy about doing so. I guess this is a major plunge into using Social Media to my advantage. My blog will become my online portfolio, linking people to other services and sites that convey a consistent message about who I am, my philosophy, my career to date and my future goals.


  1. Jason - thinking about your online presence is so important - something that I am working on myself, and also something that I frequently encourage my undergrads (pre-service teachers) to do. Sounds like you're making good progress on this! One suggestion: think about asking a question at the end of your posts to encourage responses, even if it's just something as simple as asking people what they are doing about their own digital identities.

  2. Jason -
    The fact that you are aware of and concerned with your digital footprint AND are taking action as well is impressive :)
    Did you have any luck with the Flickr account?

    1. No luck with Flickr yet... and I really want to activate it and update it again. I had a three day back and forth with a guy from Yahoo... but he wouldn't open the gate... I'm just going to have to rack my brain on that password. Otherwise I don't know how I'll be able to change up the content on it... and it's my photography!!!