Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Beginning

It seems fitting that a rebirth in how I promote the use of technology in the classroom should occur. After all, it's a new school year, I'm in a new school, I have to prep all new classes and I'm in a new masters class. The challenge? I used to have a lot of technology available to me in the classroom. Now I have one computer in the corner and limited access to shared technology resources. I wrote a research paper this summer on Bring Your Own Device/ Technology. My idea for this fall is to grow a culture of personal device use in the classroom, having students build electronic learning portfolios of their work and connecting them together into a learning community. This will be a community of students in two Visual Arts 10 classes. My goal is to fuel student interest in their subject area through their interactions with peers using social media to bring them all together. It's baby steps in the beginning as students become accustomed to a device welcoming environment. I'm happy to say that it's been an easy sell so far... after all... Open Education has to start with an open mind. I want to encourage students to stay connected in the classroom and to open new connections with others. Sharing ideas, resources and feedback within the learning community will hopefully lead to greater individual success within the class.

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