Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Learning Network

I've been working on a web-based learning network for my classes here at Winston-Knoll Collegiate.
Essentially, each class I teach has a dedicated blog. These are all cross-linked to a central hub called Mr. G @ WKC. Right now I'm working on student accounts in Google Apps for Education so that students can set up learning portfolios in my art classes and in my home room. I created a professional twitter account @mrjgrayston for a part of my school communication. This feed is embedded in a few of the blogs as well.

I have built the following blogs so far:

Visual Art 10
Art 9
Outdoor Ed
My Blog
ECI 831 Blog

I'm setting these up at the moment but will post links to them once I have all the formatting and permissions set up.

Students will begin setting up Learning Portfolios on Monday next week. The goal is to set up everything so that they can easily use their mobile devices to work on their portfolios and comment on their classmates blogs.

Today I had students download the Blogger App and the Google App on their devices.

Excitement is building!

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