Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pitch

Today begins an adventure in collaborative learning!

I pitched the idea of a collaborative project to 6 Communications Media students here at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate in Regina, SK, Canada. They are going to work together to create a video for a contest through Take Me Outside.
My challenge to the students is that they will have to create their video using equipment available to them and only web-based applications. We have a strong base of applications available to them through Google Apps for Education. They will be able to use a variety of other web based applications as well to record audio, create graphical content and edit their project.

They will journal their progress in a blog that I will link to this blog when they have it up and running. All documents, calendars and project will be fully modifiable by all members of the group.

I will be following their progress and using their examples of inquiry based learning as I write a chapter for an ebook for my Educational Technology & Design 802 Masters Class through the University of Saskatchewan.

Here is the intro to my proposal for my ebook chapter:
Collaborative Inquiry via Web-Based Applications
Collaboration and inquiry are two concepts at the base of modern educational practice. My ebook chapter will document a group of students working collaboratively through an inquiry based project using only web-based applications to complete their project. This document will also strive to tie current research and understanding on the principles of collaborative group work and inquiry in a web-based environment to the student project. In the classroom I act as a consultant and resource. In the masters class I am a researcher and writer on best practice for collaborative learning.

At the moment I'm collecting together a bunch of research on this topic. It's going to be some kind of ride! Hopefully it all comes together... it's a fantastic bunch of students and a decent topic to explore. I think we're all going to learn a bunch of new ways of working together.

-Mr. G